03 July 2017

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry - Statement from Campaigners


“An end to the Jersey Way.

A group of current and former politicians, as well as Jersey bloggers who campaigned for almost a decade on subject of Child Abuse, and who fought for the Independent Abuse Inquiry to take place have said they are awaiting with ‘great anticipation’ the publishing of tomorrow’s report into child abuse. 
Speaking on behalf of the campaigners, Deputy Montfort Tadier said, “This was a hard fought battle and the Inquiry would not have happened were it not for a handful of committed individuals in the States Assembly, careleavers and members of citizens’ media, who successfully campaigned for the Inquiry to take place.
First and foremost, we must recognise that systemic child abuse was allowed to take place in state institutions, and elsewhere, over recent decades, to some of the most vulnerable children in our society. For some survivors and those close to them, there may never be true justice or closure, but today we can stand with them in solidarity and recognise their pain and trauma.
The two important questions that we hope the Inquiry will address are: How was this able to happen in Jersey, and could it still happen today?n
During the giving of evidence, many witnesses spoke of ‘the Jersey Way’; by this they meant a culture in which reporting abuse was difficult, where they weren’t listened to, where whilstleblowing was almost impossible, where the island’s reputation came before the safeguarding of the vulnerable and where complacency was the norm. 
There are still examples of some of these failures today: some areas of public sector and institutions remain hostile to criticism. Where this culture exists, it must be replaced by an active pursuit of honesty, openness, and accountability. Where problems exist, staff, agencies and citizens must feel able to raise valid concerns knowing that effective action will be taken in a timely manner. This will, no doubt, also mean better resourcing and investment in areas such as social care, education and training. We must also be prepared to reform our institutions where they are no longer fit for purpose and tradition can no longer be an excuse for not adopting modern best practice.”
NOTE- Due to the timing of the publication of the report, the Campaign Group will be making a public statement on Tuesday at 1pm , in the Blampied Room, States Bulimg, Royal Square. Members of the media may attend and ask questions. 
Contact –Deputy Montfort Tadier, 07797844358
Twitter: @DeputyTadier


  1. Jersey Way, Irish way, UK Way, European Way, its all the same in that Jersey is not unique. Paedophiles are devious criminals who will dissuade people they abuse forever reporting them.

  2. Monty may I firstly thank you for believing in us the Victims. But I have to just say Re: your statement above "" if it not for a handful of committed individuals in the States Assembly, careleavers and members of citizens’ media"" why are us the victims not mentioned, as we done a lot of the fighting for this inquiry. And secondly while I am here, why is it down to Gorst & Careleavers to decide on the fate of HDLG. Should it not be the decision of the kids who were tortured, beaten, raped, abused to have the ultimate say ??? and not some politician & careleavers who only have a few survivors.

  3. Remember 8th March 2008.That was the day Time4Change/Reform organised a demonstration in the Royal Square to protest the child abuse and collusion by the authorities. Our instincts were right then to do so and now we are vindicated.

    Vindication is not enough. There must be change.

  4. We have been told time and time again that the system of governance in Jersey is functional.

    This is, is it not, why the Clothier report was not fully implemented. Things were not considered to be all that bad, right? Only a few tweaks were needed or needed to be accepted to bring about a fully functioning government with checks and balances...? No.

    Well if this inquiries final report is not confirmation of a dysfunctional system of governance then I don't know what is. It's not a matter of sacking or vilifying a single politician (sorry bureaucrat) in this situation of insurmountable evidence for the entire systems failure to provide for those most in need. It is a crime against logic ( as well as humanity) to continue to support a system, a regime, of feudal lordship over all. It would be highly improbable that the failings as reported did not extend into every sphere of life and culture as we understand it.

    This report should be the beginning not the final end. We all should by now know that it MUST change.

    The government must resign.

    The Lieutenant Governor must make a statement and ask for a public referendum on how the system must change whilst imposing a temporary government oversight until such time as there is a fully functioning DEMOCRATIC system of government is in place. This must include a set term of office.

    I ask those who can make this happen happen before the chance is lost for another generation or longer.

  5. If front line staff named in the Report have to go then Andrew Lewis has to go. His presence is currently putting the States into disrepute.