23 April 2010

Teachers Demonstration Tomorrow

Time4Change is pleased to be supporting the public sector workers tomorrow.

The march will start at Noon and go from Howard Davis Park and finish at the Opera House.
People will start to gather in the park from 11am.

Please attend if you are free.

Time4change has prepared the following leaflet:

¡Ya basta! - Enough is enough!

Time4Change supports Jersey Teachers in their fight for free and open negotiations on conditions and pay.

The decision to freeze pay shows contempt for all public sector workers and is symptomatic of the disregard that this government has for ordinary workers.

Demonstration is not enough. Fundamental change is needed at the very centre of government.

The current government represents the interests of the wealthy, as is shown by the presence of so many multi-millionaires in the Council of Ministers.

Why does the Jersey voter constantly put the same people back in power who ultimately act against their interests?

• We believe things can change

• We need an organised opposition

• We need politicians who unambiguously represent the economic interests of working people

Let’s take back our island – it’s time for change

Join us in our vision for a fairer society.


  1. If I was on the island, I would be out supporting this.

    Can I say in passing that I think that your new Reactions checkboxes are in danger of trivializing your postings. It might be inappropriate to have an offering of 'Funny' or 'Cool' for something related to HdlG, just as an example.

    If you could vary the categories for each posting, it might work.

    It reminds me of the early days of the web when people discovered you could have animated images and scrolling banners. You couldn't look at some web sites for fear of triggering epilepsy.

    A good general rule in user interface design is KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Don't put anything on your page unless there is a functional or aesthetic requirement for it.

    Just my opinion of course.

  2. Hey Rob,

    No, I actually agree with you. I was not sure what they were exactly when I set them up. I will see if I can switch them off (or change the options) now.

  3. Montfort.

    I'm sure the director of education won't be a happy chappy with all his teachers going on a protest. No doubt he has been "very good" to some of them.

  4. Hi Monty

    As I'm sure will come as no shock to you, if I were in Jersey I would definitely be there along side the teachers (some of whom I now consider my friends, having left school).

    I had a chat with my dad about the march before I had much of an idea what it was all about, and my dad (who is centre right) complained about how selfish the teacher were, and how everybody needs to get to grip with reality and accept that with such hard economic times everyone needs to make sacrifices.

    Whilst I didn't totally agree with his argument, I understood his point about everyone pulling together to get through the hard times...

    But then I remembered another conversation I had with him in which he completely defended the bankers and their bonuses, and said that if they had their bonuses taken away, they would lose the motivation to create wealth.

    The fact that people on the political right (or "wrong wing" as I prefer to call them) can hold these two views concurrently is just so hypocritical in my opinion!

    Have a great march, I hope lots of States members are there along side you! Each deserves to be named so we know who to give our continued support to at the next election!

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fakw9P6IpTU