26 April 2012

Blog TV - A First for Jersey

Date:    Thursday 26th April 2012.
Time:   7pm.

Tonight will see a premier for Jersey, as Team Voice broadcasts their first live and interactive interview with Jersey Politician, Montfort Tadier.

Citizen's Journalist, Rico Sorda

Speaking about the new channel, Rico Sorda, co-administrator of the site said:
The channel has been well received by those who frequent local blog sites and everyone involved is optimistic about the way we can encourage an increased political engagement in the Island,” said Rico Sorda, co-administrator of the channel.

The live video stream is complimented with a chat forum which allows the public to engage in discussion, providing an opportunity for real-time meaningful debate – a means of interaction not currently offered by local media outfits.” Added Mr Sorda.

"Moreover, we are not a commercial outfit and so we don't have any corporate interference about what we can report on. Nor do we have to answer to an editor.This is important in a place like Jersey, where many people feel they are not given the full facts by conventional media outlets."

‘Team Voice’, also run a conventional blogsite – Voiceforchildren – which has set itself up as an ‘investigative blogsite’ to look into issues of child protection following the Historic Child Abuse investigation.

“We approached Deputy Tadier because he is a proactive user of new media, and also because he is one of the States Members who has consistently fought for a comprehensive Committee of Inquiry into Historic Child Abuse.”

“We will be interviewing him about his amendment which was adopted by the States Assembly last year which added to the terms of reference to investigate whether ‘a consistent and impartial approach was taken when deciding on which cases to prosecute; and whether the process was free from political influence or interference at any level.

“We are supportive of the need for this particular term of reference, but we are concerned that the Chief Minister may have come under pressure to drop this part, ostensibly on cost grounds.

“We will be asking Deputy Tadier questions about this however there will also be an opportunity for members of the public to ask him questions and to comment online.”

The broadcast takes place tonight at 7pm.