26 April 2012

Blog TV - A First for Jersey

Date:    Thursday 26th April 2012.
Time:   7pm.

Tonight will see a premier for Jersey, as Team Voice broadcasts their first live and interactive interview with Jersey Politician, Montfort Tadier.

Citizen's Journalist, Rico Sorda

Speaking about the new channel, Rico Sorda, co-administrator of the site said:
The channel has been well received by those who frequent local blog sites and everyone involved is optimistic about the way we can encourage an increased political engagement in the Island,” said Rico Sorda, co-administrator of the channel.

The live video stream is complimented with a chat forum which allows the public to engage in discussion, providing an opportunity for real-time meaningful debate – a means of interaction not currently offered by local media outfits.” Added Mr Sorda.

"Moreover, we are not a commercial outfit and so we don't have any corporate interference about what we can report on. Nor do we have to answer to an editor.This is important in a place like Jersey, where many people feel they are not given the full facts by conventional media outlets."

‘Team Voice’, also run a conventional blogsite – Voiceforchildren – which has set itself up as an ‘investigative blogsite’ to look into issues of child protection following the Historic Child Abuse investigation.

“We approached Deputy Tadier because he is a proactive user of new media, and also because he is one of the States Members who has consistently fought for a comprehensive Committee of Inquiry into Historic Child Abuse.”

“We will be interviewing him about his amendment which was adopted by the States Assembly last year which added to the terms of reference to investigate whether ‘a consistent and impartial approach was taken when deciding on which cases to prosecute; and whether the process was free from political influence or interference at any level.

“We are supportive of the need for this particular term of reference, but we are concerned that the Chief Minister may have come under pressure to drop this part, ostensibly on cost grounds.

“We will be asking Deputy Tadier questions about this however there will also be an opportunity for members of the public to ask him questions and to comment online.”

The broadcast takes place tonight at 7pm.


  1. Montfort.

    Credit where it is due. The content of your Blog was a Press Release which was sent to all island State Media and to the best of my knowledge has only been mentioned by BBC Jersey.

    As the title of the Press Release/Blog says this is a "First For Jersey" an historical day and the majority of the State Media, it would appear, want it kept quiet. Are Bloggers becoming that big a threat to them?

  2. Montfort.

    Thank you for giving Team Voice the live interview which went well considering it was the first one. We have received very positive feedback and the interaction during the live show was, in the main, very positive.

    The feedback we most received was that the show was too short. We will be lengthening the show from 30 mins to 45 mins and possibly longer in the future.

  3. A very interesting debate Montfort, well done for putting your views forward so convincingly and calmly out in the open territory. The public would have more confidence and respect if others in the Assembly followed your lead.

    Rupert Murdoch told the Leveson Inquiry today, that newspapers will be dead in twenty years because of new information technology, he should know.


  4. Montfort.

    Rico will be live and interactive tomorrow night (Sunday 29th April at 7pm BST). He will be discussing a number of issues concerning Jersey and interacting with the online audience. The broadcast will be, up to, an hour in duration and can be found HERE

  5. Deputy MT,

    Saw the BlogTV show and was struck by your use of the term "the Black and White Party" when referring to what most islanders know as "the establishment" or "the old boys club" etc. etc.

    The majority of viewers probably wondered what you were talking about as you seem to be the only person who uses that "black and white" term. That's not good when it comes to mass communication. It'd be like me deciding to always refer to blogs as "online writey things" in casual conversation and expect everyone else to know exactly what I'm talking about.

    If you're going to speak efficiently and effectively to the masses about politics you either need to use terminology commonly understood by the masses, or take the time to clearly explain to those whom you are addressing what exactly you are talking of with your unique turn of phrase. You need to be "black and white" with your words.

    That complaint aside, the BlogTV show went very well, although it was a little too short.

    Thank you for taking the time to appear. Hopefully we'll see you on there again and a longer period will be given towards taking questions from the public.

    I hope too that BlogTV fully lives up to the potential presented by the medium. I say in all seriousness the opportunity is there to quite easily outdo the local professional media when it comes to matters of politically informing the public. It's simply down to Rico and VFC to have the passion or vision to achieve that. It's there for the taking.

  6. SSTAG says
    The first AGM for SSTAG - Social Security and Tenants' Action Group - will be held from 6.45pm at St Pauls Centre, St Helier on Thursday 10 May.
    A general discussion will follow the elction of the committee to which ALL are invited.
    for information.

  7. Montfort.

    Last night's live interview with Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley can be viewed HERE

  8. Monty,

    If any of your readers care about what happens with the islands Electoral Commission, please read this blog post -


    It contains a template email that anyone can send forward to the EC so we can collectively pressure them and let it be known that we need a proper democracy in Jersey.