22 March 2012

'Democracy Terrorists' - Interview with Daniel Wimberley

Former Jersey Deputy Daniel Wimberley speaks out on the latest assault on Democracy by the majority of the States Assembly. Well worth watching.

Footage courtesy of Team Voice


  1. A brilliant interview, probably the best I have seen, certainly locally.

    1) I hope as many people as possible see this. This alone deserves to be a channel TV special. Please approach them and offer them this footage free of charge.

    2) Daniel is so lucid. He is a great loss to the States Assembly. He is so insightful and speaks truth. Moreover, he is fundamentally 'fair minded' - as demonstrated by correcting your comment on Constable Juliette Gallichan having never faced an election.

    3) The tragic thing is, if Daniel had still been in office and present for the latest debate, we are likely to have won it - his arguments are so compelling.

    The argument about Senator Bailhache voting on PPC when he was clearly conflicted, because he had already openly stated he wanted to chair the commission is common sense.

    Well done Daniel and Team Voice who provided this footage. This fight is not over. The public must now be engaged.

  2. "The argument about Senator Bailhache voting on PPC when he was clearly conflicted, because he had already openly stated he wanted to chair the commission is common sense."

    I'm supremely impressed at the manner in which States members have been creating such passionate uproar in protest of that.

  3. have you lost the plot Monty? Was Maria Batista only in the headlines before you were born and have the residents of this Island really learned so little from 60 years of social engineering?

    People are not potatoes - but it seems that the latter in Jersey warrant more protection than decent working people whose names do not quite fit.

    At what point do you sack one person in order that another might take the same job?

  4. A valuable interview that sets out the arguments well.

    It will be interesting to see who "volunteers" to sit on this hamstrung commission. Do they really believe it can be objective given the controversy surrounding its formation? The final report has already been written.The commission can never hope to be legitimate.

    The way matters have proceeded underlines the absence of democracy in the island. The elite have set themselves a task, the outcome of which is already determined. They must be stopped and the way to do so is to expose this commissions' failings at every turn.

    Captain Boycott

  5. mr tadier.
    Have you seen mr sorda,s blogg if you have will you be asking any question,s in the states and if not could you say why you are not.thank you

  6. Montfort.

    Blogging in Jersey, is it bad for your HEALTH?

  7. Significant I suppose that PPC today spent so much time discussing Pensions and Pay for States Members (including different rates for importance) with the two Members of the States Members' Pay Board. Obviously it will be especially relevant if The Electoral Commission reduces your numbers and who should really be entitled to extra office/secretarial payments when 22 Ministers and Assistant Ministers and the 12 Constables already enjoy them? Whose left?
    Just those troublemakers who operate from the backbenches and whinge and are soon to be shown the nearest exit!

    Sarah had the barmiest idea with her suggestion that perhaps newly elected Members should receive pay according to what they earned for the two years prior to election. Heaven help it if one of the 4,000 currently unemployed should strike lucky at the next all island election "lottery".

    Also interesting that the feeling from Balihache/Ferguson was that things are so much better now but that it might be necessary to curtail debates times beforehand (a special committee to declare how long they might be and issue a list prior to the States session!)- just in case the troublemakers should be re-elected in the FUTURE! Better to have the silly law in the bag NOW because the House might not accept it later!!!!!

    No wonder Sen Bailhache did not want to declare his ownership pf this potty idea.

    What a Cosy little Club this is. The discussion about the cost effectiveness of publishing paper hard copies v I Pads was especially dire. What about Joe public - do his needs to know and have access to information mean so little to you guys?

    The Housing White paper was issued costing £3 but this has been dropped since I complained. Now it is FREE - but this is the tip of the iceberg.Of course you all get enough printed copies to keep your multi-fuel burners all winter but does anybody ever give a thought to the electorate's right to know too?

    No coincidence that I was the only punter in the public seats again - who even knows - or could find out - that the meeting was open to the public, what was on the agenda and when and where it was taking place? Answers on a granite paving slab please....preferably thrown through the window of the Blampied Room.