15 June 2015

Quango Unchained: The Death of Democracy

Tomorrow, I will bring my projet, p.44/2105, to the States Assembly. It should be considered a very moderate proposition asking two things: that the Treasury Minister instruct SoJDC not to proceed with any buildign work, or further binding agreements, until the Corporate Scruinty Panel have finished their review, and presented their findings to the States. This should be done in approx 6 weeks, if they are given the information they need.
Secondly, it asks the Council of Ministers to subsequently bring the plans back to the States for approval. This request is more likely to succeed that asking for a referendum, which I had done previously.
Below, is a short video provided courtesy of Voiceforchildren. I thank him for kindly facilitating this posting, which is really a follow up to my earlier interview on 5th June.

I hope it is helpful. Please take a chance to watch, share and leave a message.