17 October 2010

Branching Out for Economic and Cultural Diversity

Branchage International Film Festival

In these times of doom and gloom, where politics and politicians seem to be held universally in an all-time low esteem, and many workers in all sectors are worrying about the precariousness of their jobs, it is good to hear a bit of genuine good news.

Last month the Chief Minister, in response to a question from a St Brelade's deputy, praised the Branchage for its contribution to island life. And on this occasion I agree with him.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the States Hansard* of Tuesday 28th September:

Deputy M. Tadier:

Will the Minister join me in congratulating the organisers of the Branchage Film Festival, which is in its third year, [and] ... all those who organised it for putting on a splendid show.  Does the Chief Minister also acknowledge its cultural impact for good in Jersey as well as its role in promoting Jersey positively abroad and contributing to diversity in the economy?
Senator T.A. Le Sueur:
'Absolutely, Sir, I am more than willing, and indeed, welcome the question from Deputy Tadier.  Branchage is a good example of an innovative idea which is growing all the time and is also growing in quality as well as quantity.  I think it is also a good indication that what perhaps started off with a bit of seed corn capital ultimately is able to stand on its own 2 feet, and in fact I am sure continues to grow, particularly with the enthusiasm of all concerned, both on the Island and outside the Island.  So I thank all those who contributed to the success of this year’s Branchage - and indeed, the previous one - and I hope this will continue for many more years to come and grow further.'

*Footnote: The States Hansard is the official transcript of all proceeding of States sittings, and can be viewed at www.statesassembly.je


  1. What a pity your Cultural Strategy scrutiny panel ignored it and so many other activities too that don't take place within the traditional confines of the museum - opera house circuit.

    Its no wonder that people are staying away in droves from the worn out traditional "culture" pursuits and tuning into the internet or standing around in a field to immerse themselves in noise.

    Perhaps we should have a scrutiny panel stuffed and preserved as a museum exhibit since they are likely to become extinct after this week in the States.

    Where were you by the way - a little taxidermological activity of your own perhaps?

  2. "Taxidermy? Me? Get stuffed!"

    I like that one.