26 October 2010

Mark Thomas - Light Relief

On 30th November the States will be debating their policy on who can or can't film official States proceedings. At the moment, no-one is allowed to film States sittings. BBC Jersey have the exclusive right to broadcast live, and this is now also streamed on the Channel TV website. The JEP, the island's only newspaper also gets use of the other 'box' (the Radio gets the one on the right).

As the States proceed with what will be no doubt a long, tedious and generally ill-informed (prejudiced) debate, you may get bored. If so you may want to check out this video instead.

The bit at the end when he asks the Senior Officer a very straightforward question, but gets no straight answer made me think of States Question Time with certain Ministers! Enjoy

I have the good fortune of meeting Mark tomorrow, at the BBC. I will make inquiries as to whether he can come to Jersey to bring some of his unique brand of political commentary/comedy to us.


  1. Where is the video link?

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1RKRpS7CT8&feature=fvw

  3. When are you as a States Member going to actually concentrate on doing things for the people of this Island? Its not going unnoticed, spending all your time trying to change the procedures and intrenal workings of the States does nothing for the actual people on the street.

  4. Thanks for the link, had me laughing.

    I am sure he could find enough subject matter in Jersey to run a whole series of videos.

    Don't let him get anywhere near TLS, unless you want the whole world laughing at Jersey. Let's face it TLS often gets confused under normal States debate!

  5. Montfort.

    You said. "Next week the States will be debating their policy on who can or can't film official States proceedings."

    Can you tell us a little more about this? I am aware of P100/2010 which is to be debated on the 30th of November but nothing else, and naturally bow to your superior knowledge.

  6. Thank you Team Voice. You are quite correct. This is scheduled for the 30th November. I have now amended the information above.

  7. Great clip and excellently copied by our our chief comic.

  8. Hi Martin,

    Not sure quite what that last comment is getting at. Perhaps you can elucidate?

  9. mr.tadier

    A few weeks back now you said that a few likeminded states members were getting together to do something about tls one now has to assume it was to stop threr free drinks whoppie?so that said i can only think that you give your full support to tls and hes footstapping consul of idiot,s. If that is the case just say it if not bring a vote of no confidence in him and hes consul.i would but as i found out members of the puplic are not alound.

  10. Hi Martin,

    Indeed what I said is true, that a group of like-minded States Members are working together to form the beginnings of an opposition. I also stick by what I said in the JEP about calling for my like-minded colleagues and members of the public to come together and oppose GST and the gratuitous cut-backs. We have been doing this, and it is something I am continuing to work on even now.