25 February 2011

Planning Applications Panel gives consent for Petit Port to be turned into a Building Site

Panel chairman John Gallichan and Graeme Butcher (Photo: JEP)
Yesterday, the planning applications panel met to give permission for the demolition and rebuilding of two houses at Petit Port, with the accompanying drilling and excavation work into the granite cliff face that will go with it. The properties, one of which was only bought in 2008 for over £1 million, are smack bang in the middle of an 'area of outstanding beauty.' Moreover, the whole area is designated as a National Park Area in the current draft island plan. Below is the open letter which I sent to Senator Freddie Cohen, Minister for Planning and Environment. 


Dear Freddie,

I am writing to you to express my disappointment at the planning applications panel's decision to approve the destruction or two houses at Petit Port and the rebuilding of two new properties, with accompanying excavation that will accompany it.

It is sheer folly, in my opinion, that in an area that has been designated as a national park in the 2009 draft island plan, you have given consent for the whole area to be turned into a worksite for an extended period of time, with the consequential impact that this will have on the surrounding environment and residents who already live there.

Currently, the properties themselves are in the green zone (C5), but the immediately surrounding areas are designated a zone of outstanding beauty (C4).
I did ask (twice) that an environmental impact assessment be done to see what impact there would be on the C4 zone, but this point was completely ignored by the panel.
It should be re-emphasised that not only the surrounding area, but the houses themselves, will be part of the national park area if the 2009 draft plan is approved as stands.

If the plan is passed this year, as is anticipated, it will be interesting to see how a quarry and building site will be welcomed by islanders and visitors smack bang in the middle of a national park.

Your thoughts on this would be most appreciated.

Kind regards,



  1. Desperately not wanting to be cynical.

    Who has received planning permission approval for plans submitted?

    There will likely be your answer.

  2. They won't be happy until the island is full of concrete as is the case in Hong Kong!

  3. From Martin [edited]:
    they do not care for jersey just the cash [...] Words will get nowere cohen should go but then again who in the states will stand up to them one mybe two if the people of jersey get lucky

  4. I've no idea where the proposed development is. Can you raise a proposition that planning applications should be published online with an interactive map so we can see where they're talking about?


  5. Anon. The answer to your question about Debt Collectors in 'no'. I will try to find out more. Feel free to drop me an email on m.tadier@gov.je

  6. Hi Montfort.

    Just put up the Audio Of Senator La Marquand calling Mr Harper a "incompetent maverick" You can have a listen Here

    Kettle,Black,calling,Pot,the. I say.

  7. Whoops. It seems that the Planning Panel was not properly convened to make the Petit Port decision.


    It's more than just "10 applications" being spun by the department and the rag. EVERY decision involving panel members who had stayed beyond their terms of office is now suspect and open to challenge.

    Shouldn't Mrs Gallichan, as the chair of PPC, be on top of all this? How much of an epic blunder does it take before a vote of confidence is called?