11 April 2011

Development in Les Quennevais - Public Meeting

A meeting will be held this evening at Communicare (6:30pm) to discuss the provisional plans of Jersey Property Holdings (JPH) to develop four plots of land for housing in the area: two in Le Clos des Sables (one directly opposite the Les Quennevais School library); and two in Les Quennevais Park (one on the lane running up from TSB and the other at the end of that lane).
The lane running up from TSB to
Les Quennevais Park is maintained by JPH
...which has fallen into disrepair
A petition was started two weeks ago by residents of Le Clos des Sables, the wording of which can be seen below. Part of the purpose of the meeting will be to see if the residents of Les Quennevais Park feel the same; the issues in the latter are slightly different: parking and congestion is more of an acute problem and has been for decades. There is a large secondary school in the Estate and this affects both estates at peak hours. 

JPH are 'selling' the idea on more houses on two counts: (i) that the homes developped will be self-build and/or for first-time buyers, thus aiming towards the quota of affordable homes needed in the island. (ii) As pay back to the estate(s), the estate(s) could be 'tidied up' and extra parking provided and paid for with the proceeds from the sales.

There are of course other options. At a meeting last week between myself and JPH, the department made it quite clear that they would be happy to transfer all land in the estate(s) into Parish ownership and in this way the community could decide what the way forward for the area would be. This idea certainly has merit and I will discuss this further (the idea was raised previously) with Parish officials. Ultimately, of course, the matter is one for parishioners and would need to be decided at a Parish Hall Assembly.

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