13 September 2011

Deputy Tadier - A Manifesto in 200 words

Monty Tadier

Below is a short manifesto which describes a few of the things I have done in the last 3 years as Deputy for St Brelade No. 2 and some of the priorities I hope to address if re-elected. My and other candidates profiles can be seen on the channel 103 site


Presently, we have a Council of Ministers and a majority of States Members who do not represent the interests of ordinary people. We need an urgent change of direction if we are to address current and future problems such as unaffordable housing, population growth, peak oil, adequate health care and unemployment. In order to do this, we need to elect competent and compassionate States Members who represent the interests of ordinary people, workers and families, and not simply the interests of the very wealthy.
During the last 3 years I have been very active as a Deputy, both in the Parish and in the States. I have been involved on several Panels – including Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny. I have fought for greater equality and fairness in society and pressed for the introduction of a discrimination law. I have consistently opposed GST and its increase.
If re-elected, I want to address the fundamental problems of affordable housing in Jersey. As a young States Member, I am very much aware of the crippling nature of high rents and the difficulty of securing a mortgage. I will also seek for greater priority to be given to mental health issues and youth development.


  1. Monty I was going to vote for you but i've since been told that you stole another states member's email and published on your blog. I've been told too that you are having an affair with a woman from home affairs and this is all just abhorrent if not criminal behaviour. Sorry Monty my vote will be going to deputy power this time, he's a good catholic man with very high morals.

  2. A nice and easy to understand manifesto, but peak oil? How many islanders do you think know what that actally means, let alone have any concerns about it?

  3. @Anonymous: I do. And I can guarantee you that its impact will hurt a small island like Jersey long before it hurts either mainland Britain or Europe. If so-say intelligent people in Jersey can't work that one out, then we have big, big problems.

  4. If they watch the news, or read the more serious of the newspapers, then they will know about peak oil and know what it means for the future - either that or they weren't paying attention.

  5. Montfort.

    A story of Jersey's "accredited" media in a few short VIDEO CLIPS

  6. Montfort.

    An "answer" from Channel Television that Philip Ozouf would be PROUD OF