30 January 2012

Scrutiny: Children's Services in Jersey - But where are the Media?

The Scrutiny Panel that deals with Health and Social Services in Jersey met this Friday for their first public hearing with the Minister and her team to discuss the recent finding of the independent review carried out by the Care Inspectorate into the island's children's services. The panel did a pretty proficient job, considering it was their first ever public hearing, even if the Minister and her entourage were less impressive. 

One member who did impress was the former Education Minister, Deputy James Reed, who demanded to know why, more than 3 years after the Williamson recommendations, the new Inspectorate found that 'children were still not being listened to.'

What was perhaps most surprising (well, not for Jersey) was that none of the media bothered to turn up to hear what the Minister had to say, particularly as they had been covering the very issues that were on the agenda for that meeting. For example, just two days earlier the Jersey Evening Post led with the headline:  'Foster System "Failing Thousands"' , while the BBC lead with 'Jersey Children's Care Service "Needs Improvement"'. Yet the JEP and the BBC decided  not to send any their reporters down to hear what was going on. 
Thankfully, Citizen's media was there to take notes and do interviews. These videos are brought to you courtesy of Tom Gruchy.


  1. Good blog. Thanks for making the effort. There are a rapidly growing number of people who are now using local blogs for relevant political commentary.

    The JEP should in all honesty stick to cattle shows and the like. It is after all what they are actually quite good at ay!

    Question - Deputy Moore comes across very well, but her presentation style is too smooth. Do you think she really cares and can make a difference or is this an elected version of CTV soft soaping on the soft set?

  2. @Marion. Thanks for your comment. Regarding Deputy Moore, I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. First of all, it is good that she agreed to give the interview in the first place. Some of her counterparts would not be so ready to go on camera. I did not how she was keen to put a positive 'angle' on things right from the beginning, however, pointing out what steps had been taken. And fair enough, I suppose. This said, there is no secret who she supports in the chamber and who helped her get elected, so one may not expect she will be willing to rock the boat. Also, she did not originally want the job chairing the panel - it was only after a long silence in the States of no-one coming forward and the prospect of an embarrassing adjournment that she stepped forward to 'take one for the team'. But if Deputy Reed carries on in the same vein with his questioning, the Panel may hope to make progress

  3. The previous interview referred to with Deputy Judy Martin can be seen on voiceforjersey.blogspot.com for 28 August 2009.
    It was recorded soon after Judy was appointed as Assistant Minister to Ann Pryke with special responsibility for implementing the Williamson Report etc.
    I am unable to do the link but it is well worth looking at to demonstrate just how inadequate has been the performance of this team so far as the welfare of Jersey's children is concerned.
    Virtually nothing has changed if the facts are studied.

  4. Deputy Moore. Gorgeous! Fluent speaker. Comes across well,wasn't cagey with her answers,and openly admitted that she knew nothing of the ECU's Rights of the Child.
    Is she going to suprise us over the years by turning out to be one of the good 'guys'.

  5. Hi Montfort.

    Just put up the recordings from today of Question time. You & your reader's can listen HERE

  6. Montfort.

    Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM responds to readers questions concerning the infamous Met "Interim" REPORT

  7. Montfort.

    Could I ask that your Jersey readers PARTICIPATE?

  8. Hi Montfort.

    Just put up the audio from today's Questions with out Answers. You & your readers can Listen HERE

  9. Always the same people leaving comments, just about sums up the masses that gathered at your pathetic demo yesterday. When are you going to grow up Monty? It has to be soon surely?

  10. Ian. One lives in hope? No No NO we dont live in hope!!! WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!