29 August 2012

Electoral Reform - The Fairy Tale Solution

Tomorrow, the Electoral Commission will conduct its final Public Hearings. I will be in attendance tomorrow. I was quite pleased with my submission, even if I do say so myself (I will publish it here shortly) - that was until I heard Mr LaClaque's submission. 

Mr LaClaque may be 90 years old, but his years of knowledge have seemingly enabled him to find a way to keep happy both so-called 'traditionalists' and 'progressives' by implementing the essence of the Clothier Recommendations, whilst still maintaining the Constables in the States. - The man is a genius!

The submission has not yet been uploaded onto the Electoral Commission Website, but I have managed to obtain a copy which you can read below.

Submission No. 8, 623
Name:                 Alphonse LaClaque
Address:              La Petite Rue des Ruelles Ruez, St Ouen.
Born:                   1922

Dear Electoral Commission:

1. The Constables are an important link to the Parishes and MUST be maintained in the States.

2. The Constable is head of the Parish. He (or sometimes she, nowadays!) is elected by Parishioners democratically and is full of wisdom; they know what is best for Parishioners.

3. The Parish system is good and must be extended.

4. The number of Parishes should be increased to 44.

5. Parishes should be of equal size and must have a Constable.

6. The administration of each Parish should be delegated to the Parish Secretary under the supervision of a Procurer du Bien Public, elected by Parishioners. 

7. Deputies and their constituencies should be abolished.

8. Senators should be removed.

9. The title of Constables should be changed to Member of the States of Jersey (MSJ for short)

10. The title of Procurer du Bien Public should be changed to Constable.

Job Done. 


  1. Sounds similar to Mark Forskitt's micro-constituencies point at Reform Jersey and Jersey Today. It must be something in the St Ouen water or are they preparing to declare independence?

  2. Emille Collins' bronze bust was looking over the shoulder of Senator Sir Philip at the Electoral Commission hearing (although POSH has still not paid for it!) - and his call for an all Island franchise was expressed by several witnesses...
    We miss you everyday Emille but we should not have had to ask you to be in the Royal Square on Friday 28 September this year - you would be leading the campaign and pushing for JERSEY REFORM as always...

    But for those not excused by reason of death - there can be no reason for failing to turn out this year or to give support in some form or other...

    The obliterated official record from 28 September 1769 can now be seen on the Electoral Commission web-site (see Dun Michael (4) submission and (3) for a full historical account of that most important event) - but don't just read it - DO SOMETHING!

    JERSEY REFORM DAY started in 1769 - it is time to honour our brave ancestors and finish the job.

  3. so mr tadier
    looking for a place on the com now you true self is starting to come out.

  4. No. Not looking for a place on the 'Com'. I am opposed to States Members being on there at all