30 July 2014

Happy Birthday 70th Birthday to a True Living Legend

Today, Mike Dun is 70 years old. And this blog would like to wish him many happy returns, and say a few words, if it may, to celebrate this self-effacing local hero.

I have known Mike for a few years now through politics, and I am pleased to also call him a friend. Later this evening I will see him for a (non political) party and I hope he is wearing his full regalia, as in the photo above!

Mike (Mr Dun) will be well known to States Members and the staff of the Greffe and scrutiny, as he is someone who keeps a tight eye on public matters, as well as policies and legislation coming out of the Big House. Whether or not all of the aforementioned share my affection for Uncle Mike, I am not sure, because he is no doubt often a thorn in the side to them, especially when processes are not followed, and social policy is slow to appear.

And this is why Mike deserves special mention, today: he has been a tireless campaigner for justice and equality during his time in the island. He often takes up individual cases that some States Members are either unwilling or unable to take on. He is a keen supporter of the under-dog, the disaffected and dejected, as can be seen from his many posts.

Like any true hero, much of his good deeds are not seen, but they are still appreciated by those he helps.

So today, I wish a happy big 70 to Uncle Mike. I know that Tom Gruchy would be proud to call you one of his comrades.

I'll leave you a slightly comically aged video from 1993 of Mike talking in a programme on Human Rights in Jersey. 'Plus ça change...'


  1. Well said Monty. Democracy needs people like Mike Dun and we are a better island because of his tireless commitment to pushing for justice.

  2. Happy Birthday Mike sorry I cannot be with you this evening. I have known Mike for at least 30 years. Mike and I used to work in the same office and even back then he was always busy helping somebody with a problem. Hope you have a great evening Denise.

  3. Yes, happy Birthday Mike. You make great contributions. I really enjoy listening to you and I find what you say very interesting and astute. I thought you were simply great on that bloggers special on BBC Radio Jersey in Nov. 2012 I think. Will link it later. In the meantime, Thank you Mike and hope you had a wonderful birthday. Many happy returns X

  4. Yes! Happy birthday to the special man in my life.
    Thank you Monty for your really lovely words and also for the speech last night
    To all of you who helped make his day really special a huge thank you.

  5. The interview above was in Sarah Montague's final week with CTV. She is Guernsey born and started her career as a stockbroker but went to CTV in 1991 as a Journalist and was one of the better ones generally. After CTV she became an anchor presenter for Newsnight (1998) and then BBC 4 Today radio programme. The Human Rights duffer was Deputy Robin Rumboll who remained in the money making game and I believe I sighted him recently strutting across Royal Square so hope he won't be returning as a candidate in October...