10 February 2011

Farewell to an Old Friend

Emile addresses the crowd at the Time4Change anti-child abuse rally, March 2008

Emile Collins passed away today aged 98. Emile was a seasoned political campaigner, an enthusiastic follower -and often a critic- of Jersey politics. He was an avid contributor to the lunchtime BBC phone-in. He was both passionate and compassionate.

Emile, will be missed but not forgotten.

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  1. emile allways said the phone in kept him going but they stoped that as well. well done bbc you finley got what you wanted emile to be quiet.RIP EMILE ONE OF THE BEST

  2. Agree whole-heartedly with Martin. To the BBC Emille was a pain in the arse. He would regularly be cut off, he was prevented from going on and presenters were rude to him when he was on.

    I shall, over the weekend, be publishing a Blog on the subject of "BBC State Contolled Media" Naturally I shall be providing documented evidence to back that claim up and once more it will make for scary reading.

  3. Montfort.

    Emille’s Funeral will be held on Wednesday at 10.45 am at the Crematorium followed by a meeting at the Old Magistrates Court  (back of Town Hall) from 1145am.Family, friends and former colleagues are welcome to attend.