09 February 2011

The Butterfield Diet

Are the mid-winter blues getting you down? Have the best laid New Year's resolutions of mice and men gone awry and the zealously bought January pass been put on hold?

Then what you need is the Butterfield Diet plan. It is gruelling to start with, but you do get to treat yourself once a week...



  1. How did you know that was the diet I followed? I noticed you looking at my expanding girth when I was slumped in the States Chamber today! (what is called "doing a Terry")

  2. You sounded sensible articulate and capable on the radio this morning, well done.

    I liked the way Roger was so concerned about you possibly swaying their impressionable minds to your politics, LOL - if youngsters weren't capable of deciding for themselves how come they can now vote at 16?

    Keep up the good work

  3. Thanks. Actually, I should have made it clear that the 'students' for the lunchtime courses are all adults, of varying ages and backgrounds. I have been impressed by the interest and intend to run the same course again in later in the year.