28 January 2011

More development in Les Quennevais and Clos des Sables? Not if I can help it

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. A special welcome if you are a resident of St Brelade No. 2 and are here for the first time. This weekend I will be circulating a newsletter to residents of the Les Quennevais and Le Clos des Sables, to give an update on issues on progress with some of the issues on the two estates.

The newsletter covers several issues, but one area of particular concern is that Jersey Property Holdings are in preliminary talks with a private developer to build 4 new dwellings in the area - two in Clos des Sables and 2 in Les Quennevais Park, which would involve selling off key areas of open green space, to build houses of varying sizes. My main objections are on two grounds and I should add are not motivated by Nimbyism (Not in my back yard! - although one of them would be near my front yard...): 1) The first point is that Les Quennevais already has its own fair share of development. 2) The second point, as I point out in my letter, is that parking issues have been ongoing for a long time and are only getting worse. Despite scores of emails and calls to Property Holdings to try and improve the situation, no real progress has been made. Although potential solutions have been put forward, and in many cases endorsed by the JPH (who own most of the communal land around the estates), they say they do not have the money to make improvements. They do say, however, that if they sell off these bits of land to speculators, they can then use some of that money to make improvements. I have told the department that  parking issues and other improvements must take place before any development is even considered.

I will be asking the following question in the States of the Housing Minister:

 “Does the Minister support the plans submitted by Jersey Property Holdings to build 4 new homes on green areas in Les Quennevais Park and Le Clos des Sables and how does he envisage this will impact on current parking issues on the estate?”

Surgery Dates:
This year's surgeries will be held at the The Horse and Hound on the following Mondays from 5:30 - 7pm:

January 31st
February 14th
March 14th, 28th
April 4th
May 16th
June 6th, 20th
July 4th
September 14th

Readers may be interested to note that I will also be trialling Skype Surgeries by arrangement. I can be added on ID: Monty Tadier. Please state who you are when sending request so I can add you.

As normal, I remain available for home visits, as well as appointments in Town. 


  1. Keep up the good work Deputy.

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  3. Funny how people against non establishment members of the states are only capable of insults instead of rational thought and debate. Just shows the level of intelligence eminating from these anti social fools. There is always a boat in the morning, iknow how they like to use this phrase so maybe they could practice what they preach.

  4. Yes Monty - and what makes non-establishment non-supporters very, very concerned is that those who are working for the ordinary, honest, working Jersey residents should have to tolerate this utter c**p from unelected States members.

    Keep up the good work Monty.

  5. Believe it or not but there are people out there who are not pro-establishment but also think the behaviour of you and Nick Le Cornu is not the alternate solution for the Island either.

  6. Did someone mention Time4Change? You are quite right Monty to pick them up on their use of the word “behaviour”. Sounds like an authoritarian teacher of the old school and no democrat. An excellent shot. You brought them down in flames before they even crossed the lines. Amateurs!

    Thanks for the guest post, and regards to all in St Brelade. Keep it safe. I’ll be up on Saturday to start digging father’s garden in advance of the Spring planting. Vraic is good for the soil and gives the Royals a special taste in light soil.

    I am sorry to hear the parish is now light of one political representative. Housing is still desperately needed and I hope the successor realises this imperative. Incidentally, I was researching in the Public Library (desperately in need of new micro fiche reading machines – no money for replacement since Ozo cut the budget) and discovered that 1962 was a really good year for St Brelade. In those days there was a government that believed in building houses for people, unlike now. Here are the States Minutes: - Feb 8th 1962 “An Act of the Housing Committee presenting plans for 20 houses at Clos des Sables, was adopted, and the tender of £66,098 10s 7d of Regal Construction was agreed.” Those were the days. We all believed then it could only get better. Look at it now. The government is a shambles and disgrace. I am glad that at least one “Young Jerseyman” realises its time for change.