09 June 2011

Blogs Flourish in Jersey

The last two years have seen an explosion in the number of Jersey Blogsites that have appeared in the island. This is to be welcomed: (1) Because for many reasons, the 'accredited' media, as they are sometimes euphemistically called, are unable to sufficiently cover many stories that are of public interest to those interested in Jersey politics and affairs. (2) The blogsites themselves have, in many cases, been able to 'break' new stories that the mainstream media would never have picked up on. One example of this, that I remember clearly, was the incident in January 2010, when it was revealed that the Chairman of PPC had failed to share information with the Committee about a complaint that had been made by the then Chief Officer of Police, Graham Power, against the Chief Minister. Were it not for the exposé carried out by Voice For Children, members of that panel would not have even been aware, and nor would the public. (3) It is a combination of a greater willingness to engage in a seemingly greater level of investigative journalism (in some cases) coupled with the fact that bloggers are not commercially motivated, that the types of stories that they are able and free to cover are sometimes much more in depth, controversial and rigorous.
Scrunity has its own facebook page, featuring the iconic
Corbiere Lighthouse - presumably because it know St Brelade is the best Parish
Thankfully, the appearance of such sites is having a corresponding impact on the mainstream media to 'up their game'. What were once entirely print or broadcast mediums, are increasingly expanding into electronic realms, as they fight for webspace alongside increasingly popular local blogs. Similarly, the States is, at long last, having to address the issues of Governance in the 21st Century. It still needs to do more to engage and interact with a new generation of web-literate voters, but at least the realisation of this is emerging. Scrutiny have their own facebook page

Here is a list of some of the very good local blogs that there are to choose from. If you get tired of the usual limited and blinkered views of the mainstream media, why not visit some of these, and get the news straight from the horses mouth. You can even save them to your favourites.

And all bloggers out there: why not copy and paste this post to your facebook status? 


Sorry if I have missed anyone out!


  1. The JEP, Rob Shipley in particular, have been consistently disparaging about what they term 'citizens media'. This is unfortunate but not surprising.

    However, they are out of step with the editors of UK news outlets. During the recent parliamentary hearings for the Defamation Bill, Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, was saying how important citizens media had become to them as a news source. He even implied that they are planning to incorporate it as part of their mainstream news.

    The example he gave was of their theatre correspondent. Something along the lines of, 'While we don't want to lose Michael Billington, when he watches a play, the audience is full of intelligent, well-informed people.'

    My desire for more participatory democracy and news gathering is based on the fact that there are, in the general public, people who are better informed and experienced than the so-called expert journalists and politicians.

    This is not to demean the expertise of trained journalists but, for example, when a story breaks - say an e-coli outbreak - your average journalist is hopelessly under-prepared and probably ignorant of the science behind it. But a scientific blogger is likely to know much, much more and write more intelligently about it.

    Also, as you say, independent bloggers are not subject to the same commercial and institutional pressures that cause mainstream media to shy away from sensitive subjects.

    The recent work done by Voice and Rico is astonishing, I think. They have slowly and patiently dismantled the whole story presented to us by the Establishment and police regarding the suspension of Graham Power. Meanwhile, the JEP is nowhere to be seen.

  2. It seems you've missed this one Deputy.


  3. 'are unable to sufficiently cover many stories that are of public interest to those interested in Jersey politics and affairs.'

    Come on now Monty - that was far too diplomatic.

    Should have read UNWILLING to sufficiently cover.....

  4. Montford.

    "Sorry if I have missed anyone out!"

    You know very well that you have missed the the main one out.

    Put him top of your list now!

    He doesn't need your help,never has and never will but its good for your credability.

  5. Montfort.

    You are a prime example of a 21st century politician who understands the power of the internet and the importance of social media. Our local mainstream media have been found wanting when it comes to reporting "news."

    They have had it too good for too long and still just rely on Press releases. The times have changed and they are becoming obsolete.

    On that note I have just interviewed STUART SYVRET on his up-coming epic court battle. He also gives the "discredited" media a mention!

  6. Hi Monty.

    Just to say I've but up the Audio of Question 3, 15 & Question's to the Chief Minister.

    You can listen HERE

  7. http://crapaudverload.blogspot.com/ is a nice way to see what's new on all the Jersey blogs.

  8. This is exactly what I would like to see all around the world. Iceland is using the Internet to let its citizens draft new legislation, not just vote on it:


    Open Source government is definitely the way to go. The government would really be in the interests of the people and not vicariously by small interest groups.

    Would zero-ten have been passed into law if it had been rigorously examined and dissected by a well-informed public beforehand? I doubt it.

  9. You haven't added a link to Stuart Syvret's blog.

    Why is that?

    In the spirit of openness & transparency, please answer this question Deputy.


    One puzzled voter (of yours).

  10. Montfort,

    You might want to see the collection of local blog links on this new blog:-


  11. Good to see you still have your colours nailed to the Stuart Syvret ship of doom.