10 June 2011

Communicare Meeting Tonight, 7:30pm - to support Mr Michel in his Fight for a Blackheadstone

St Brelade resident, Danny Michel
Below is a copy of the BBC Online report of Mr Michel and his 'fight' to have a black headstone erected for his wife, who passed away over a year ago. As the report says, there are already 14 similar headstone in  the cemetery, and it is strange that Mr Michel is not being allowed to have his there. Supporters are most welcome to attend the meeting tonight (Friday) at Communicare. 7:30pm.

St Brelade Constable refuses black headstone for grave

A man is campaigning to be allowed to put a black headstone on his wife's grave in Jersey.
Danny Michel wants to put the stone in Les Quennevais Cemetery for his late wife Violet.
But St Brelade Constable Mike Jackson said there was a clause in the rates book that said only headstones made of local material could be used.
There is no black granite-type material available in Jersey so it would need to be imported.
Mr Michel argues there are already 14 black headstones in the cemetery.
He said: "My late wife and I always used to come to my father's grave and we often commented how beautiful the black and gold complimented each other on these headstones, so it would be nice for my wife to have one of them erected in her memory.
"My wife died on 21 May last year and this has been going on since the end of June when it was rejected.
"It has been playing a bit on my mind. I am just trying to get closure so we can get a nice monument erected for my wife."
Mr Michel is holding a public meeting on Friday at 1930 BST at Communicare in St Brelade to call for a Parish Assembly to change the rules.
His campaign is being supported by Senator Sarah Ferguson and Deputies Sean Power and Montfort Tadier.


  1. Video footage will be going up from this meeting, hopefully on Monday

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