12 June 2011

The Democratization of TV

'TV is dead. Long live I-player (and Wimp.com)'

Yesterday, I was lucky to take some time out from States and Parish work to spend some time with friends, playing 'Risk' - a game which I have only ever played once before. Out of the 7 players (6 of them longtime, ruthless aficionados), it was perhaps no surprise that I went out first, following some questionable tactical advice from the player who then went on to win the whole game.
Fortunately, there was sufficient background entertainment, as I sat and ate my take away potato wedges.
I was introduced to a very good website, which in my opinion merits a blog in itself: wimp.com. Of course, the likes of i-player and youtube have been around for a while, and have revolutionized the way we watch television, but the beauty of wimp is that pretty much all of the videos on there are interesting: whether it is the highschool student who built and played his own instrument out of piping, the pop out painter, or the carrot clarinet, you can flick through and find fascinating, original and educational videos that both entertain and challenge boundaries. This is one of my favourites. The Parisian street dancer.

As someone who does not have time to watch a lot of television, and who does not miss it, I  will be visiting wimp.com a lot more from now on.



  1. mr tadier
    i have asked mr t pitman to bring a vote of no confidence in ozouf and gorst and if he will not i allso ask you after seeing sat,jep headline this government is fast becoming a joke if this is alound to go on.

  2. You actually do States work do you?