14 June 2011

Battle Continues for Black Headstone in St Brelade

Constable Jackson, who has refused Mr Michel
permissionfor a black headstone at Les Quennevais

Interview with Les Quennevais resident, Mr Danny Michel.
Footage Couertesy of Citizens Media

Although it was a Friday night, between 55- 60 people turned out at Communicare last week to show solidarity and support for Danny Michel, who is fighting (reluctantly) to be able to have a black headstone erected at Les Quennevais Cemetery, in memory of his late wife, Violet.

The response at the meeting was unanimous: Mr Michel should be allowed to have his headstone and the Constable should take the necessary steps to amend the parish regulations where necessary, to allow for others who want the same.


  1. The Constable's seat is for the taking you should stand for constable at the next election Monty.

  2. Montfort.

    I agree with the first commenter, the Constables seat is definitely there for the taking. He was called some very un-savoury names at that meeting and has lost a lot of support.

    The way he has treated Mr.Michel is just disgraceful and in-excusable.

  3. Thank you citizens media for taking the time to film this interview.

    I hope Mr. Michel is able to choose the headstone of choice as have others in St. Brelade

  4. mr tadier
    this is an utter disgrace mr jackson should have done so much better but as a minister and constable the man is just not up to the job he has more concern for he,s minsterial post above all else i hope this man lose,s both

  5. What is "traditional" in a Jersey sense? Judging by the way modern architecture is spreading its hideous way throughout St.Helier, maybe we can have glass and steel headstones - those materials will be traditional before long!

  6. Nice electioneering by Tadier here. The cynicism of politicians never fails to astound.

  7. Jackson has backed down, what a result for Mr. Michel his supporters and citizens media.

  8. jackson should go

  9. Great result - well done for organising the meeting and getting this result.