16 June 2011

Jackson jacks-in opposition to Black Headstone

Mr Michel's battle with the parish to have a black headstone for his wife's grave has been won. Yesterday the Constable announced that the St Brelade Cemetery Committee, who met for the first time in 5 years, would be willing to change to regulations to permit the stone to be erected. In an email to the Parish deputies and Senator Ferguson, Constable Jackson wrote:

'The cemetery committee decided yesterday to agree to submitting a revised regulation to a Parish Assembly to permit black natural stone in the cemetery.'

The news came as a relief to Mr Michel, who has been fighting for this for over a year now. 

The decision to change the regulation was predictable, in the face of such strong public support for Mr Michel's cause. Two questions remain, however, (i) why did it take so long for Mr Jackson to change his mind; and (ii) what damage has this done to the Constable's credibility in an election year? 

These questions will be addressed in the next blog, with exclusive video footage from the Communicare meeting. 


  1. Making political capital from a man's grief. Don't you just love politicians.

  2. I suspect the Constable was following the law as it was laid out. I seriously doubt it was any kind of vendetta.

  3. have a good weekend with the staff? deputy

  4. Monty is it correct that black headstones have been erected since Constable Jacksons tenure began?

  5. Yes, it was correct that the Constable had allowed 3 there during his tenure, although they were quite early on, and he maintains he was bound by the decisions of previous constables.

    It may well be that 'legally, he was entitled to refuse, but it was the whole was this has been seen to be handled that has grated with many parishioners