19 July 2011

If you want to know about Politics, ask a Pensioner

If you want to know about Politics, ask a Pensioner: They are probably older and wiser than you. They have been around longer and ... they always* vote. Moreover, they know a thing or two about the cost of living in Jersey and the struggles faced by many 'ordinary' islanders on a day-to-day basis.

I am pleased to repost here a video from Nick Le Cornu's Blog, in which Nick and Tom speak to Maddy, a St Helier resident. She speaks very candidly, but empathetically, of life in Jersey, GST, Politics, the Jersey Evening Post and much more.



  1. The thing about (many) local pensioners is that they remember a time when there was no vote worthy of the name - and some of the older ones remember the occupation before that as well :-).

    We younger ones assume that the right to make informed choices about the composition of the majority of States members has always been there: it has not.

  2. Not suurprizing that Pitman and Martin were the only deputies Maddy knew as they are the only ones who do any work here. Le Claire drones on a lot in the states but what does he do apart from talk about himself?

    Do think it is a bit unfair to suggest that our politicians should be knocking on our doors all year round. It is fine for Nick and Tom with plenty of free time on their hands perhaps but I want my representatives busy working for me trying to make my life better.

    This means in the states not skiving off to some high paid day job like deputy Pitman has been highlighting on CTV. People who do that should be fined.

  3. Thanks Monty.

    Thanks to Maddy, how pensioners make ends meet has become a serious political enjeu.

    Stagnant wages and rising prices are the source of social discontent. The French Revolution began as a bread riot and that is why to this day the French state strictly controls the price and quality of bread. However, this is Jersey and no doubt Sir Philip would advise they eat cake.

  4. Well said Maddy,
    I have brought up two children on my own and still have one at home. Struggle and juggle! The situation is getting worse, not just for senior citizens but for all of us who are not in the high income bracket.
    I most certainly will not be voting for Mr Bailache, we need the old regime stopped not supported!
    Give us a States assembly of Tadier's, Pitman's and Hills. Give us States members who stand up for the people of Jersey!
    Give us the transparency we need. And God help us if Ozouf is our next chief minister because things will not change for the better, you can count on that!