23 September 2011

Jersey's Mainstream Media Show Their True Colours -Again


'It's getting silly now. The JEP and Channel Television are not even trying to appear impartial!'

On Monday, I attended the Hustings at St Clement. It was a fairly boring affair, with predictable performances from most candidates. Lord Philip was very fortunate to have drawn a seat which was dead centre of the table and also to be the first one to speak. This fortuitous position was bolstered by being given front page coverage in the JEP, where Lord Philip's photo appeared with the headline 'Time for Better Government' i.e. time for all of you JEP readers to elect Lord Philip. His photo also had the caption 'Former Bailiff (just in case you had forgotten) and Senatorial Candidate ... criticised States Members at last night's hustings.'

Award-winning Channel TV led in a similar vein, on the Tuesday, showing footage from Lord Philip's opening speech. No such privilege was afforded to any of the other 12 candidates. Then again, with the exception of Dr Mark Forskitt and Advocate Rose Colley, the remainder are mere serfs and should feel honoured to even share a platform with such a chivalrous individual. That they were even allowed to speak in his presence was a step too far, according to some. 

During his speech, Lord Bailhache said that there were too many States Members (agreed) and that 'the devil made work for idle hands.' This is coded language for saying that opposition members who asked questions and brought propositions on valid issues, were time wasters. He went on to dismiss calls for a Discrimination Law and Freedom of Information as 'bright ideas' - not appropriate for Jersey. 'How offensive', I thought,  'they are not bright ideas, rather fundamental pieces of legislation that any civilised, 21st international jurisdiction should have enshrined at the centre of their constitution!' 

The problem is that the political elite in Jersey, thoroughly conservative, both economically and culturally, want to have it both ways: they want Jersey to 'punch above its weight' ('péter plus haut que son cul' as the wonderful French expression goes) economically, whilst remaining a legislative backwater, where issues like discrimination (age, sex, race discrimination; unfair dismissal etc, etc) and access to official information are either not addressed at all (as with discrimination), or dealt with by opaque and non-statutory 'codes', as is the case for FOI. The reason they give, is that Jersey is a small island and that we do not need these cumbersome and costly laws, yet when it relates to promoting the interests of finance, we must be fully up to speed. However, the two should not be mutually exclusive.


  1. Don't know about Advocate Colley, but I thought Dr Forskit was about as independently minded, non establishement as you can get. Are you saying he's really a covert oligarchy member ?

  2. Not saying that at all. How did you infer that? Mark is the one candidate sure to get my vote

  3. http://www.thisisjersey.com/2011/09/21/time-for-better-government/#comments

    This link is all I could find on the JEP website to voice disquiet about a total failure for impartial reporting. Maybe if enough people posted comments on it the JEP may...just may.... take notice.

  4. Montfort.

    To give you an idea of the JEP's moral compass.

    They are clearly (IMO) supporting Phillip Bailhache in this election. Phillip Bailhache allowed a convicted paedophile "Roger Holland" to remain in a position of authority, namely a Constable's Officer. He had the opportunity to remove Holland when the conviction was brought to his attention.....He declined to do so.


    Here is an e-mail sent by a clearly traumatised and distraught Survivor of Child Abuse to the JEP (who support Bailhache) and the disgraceful and contemptuous reply she received from its EDITOR

  5. When Lord Philip criticises the current States Assembly, we have to read between the lines. He is not criticising the fact that they are a majority of out of touch, wealthy businessmen and landowners - this has always been the case. He is decrying the fact that the great unwashed like 'Tadier, Pitman, Le Gresley' have been allowed membership to what is one of Jersey's finest and oldest Men's clubs in the island.' These have not been to Eton, Victoria College or even De La Salle - they are filthy Hautlians. The Club does allow, on occasion, the latter (we see it as a concession to the 'less fortunate'), however, there is a presumption that these inferior beings will know their place. The issue is not that democracy is not working in Jersey, but that it is working better than ever. That is because for the first time in decades, we have a sizable and articulate opposition, who are not willing to sit back and watch whilst the neo-liberal policies of the ruling elite threaten to ruin this beautiful island and the hard working people who live here

  6. I found it amazing that The Most High Bailhache enumerated the number of questions asked in the States, then and now; he discovered that five times as many are being asked these days and somehow came to the conclusion that the States is no longer working as well as previously.

    TMH Bailhache actually believes that things are worse now that some Members question things more than in the "good old days". The level of hubris and complacency involved is staggering.

  7. Hi Montfort.

    I total agree, he said there are too many questions & you lot the greet unwashed have got the neve to bring propositions.

    You have to keep up the work rate & don't let them get you down, I don't live in your Parish but I hope you get back in.


  8. Hi Montfort.

    Put up last night Ozouf asking for the vote for Chief Minister to be Transparent. "Only Joking"

    You can Lisen HERE

  9. I hear you were at the hustings for senator in St Clement. What is your assessment of the candidates on the day. Who was strong, who failed to impress? Are there any dark horses?

  10. Montfort.

    Sarah Ferguson talks about Lime Grove, Scrutiny and the MEDIA

  11. Montfort.

    Senator Sarah Ferguson talks to Citizens Media about, (among other things), INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM

  12. Will you be making any formal complaints or public statement, BEFORE THE ELECTION, about the main stream media's lack of reporting on Bob Le Brocq's question at the St Helier # 3 hustings?

    Namely, the question of Philip Bailhache's role in allowing a convicted paedophile to serve in the honorary police.

    If the JEP, BBC & CTV get away with covering this one up, how can Jersey's spoonfed public ever form an honest opinion?

    They are clearly managing public opinion by omission.

    If you really believe in openness, transparency & free reporting, you should be out there in public encouraging everyone where to look to find real news.

  13. Indeed. And I do plug the blogs whenever I can. Will you be making a complaint? It would appear less partisan if a complaint is received from a member of the public. Ideally, there should be as many letters to ofcom as possible

  14. Monty, why did you not turn up for the other morning for the interview on BBC Radio Jersey?
    It gave Deputy Power too much air time with you being absent, I sincerely hope he is not elected!