05 October 2011

Deputy Tadier - A Manifesto in 600 Words

It has been my privilege to serve as a Deputy for St Brelade for the past three years – a parish in which I was brought up and where I also live.
I also run parish surgeries and have taken up constituency matters on a whole range of issues. During that time, I have been active both in the States and the Parish. I have served on various States bodies including Scrutiny (Education and Home Affairs), Privileges and Procedures, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.
We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful and safe place to live. However, there are many issues that need urgent attention.
Presently, we do not have a government which represents the interests of ordinary people. We need an urgent change of direction if we are to address the looming problems of unaffordable housing, high cost of living, population growth, peak oil, health care and unemployment.

In the past ten years we have seen the burden of taxation shift from corporations to ordinary residents. We now have a situation where foreign companies trading in Jersey now paynothing, whilst residents face a reduction in their standard of living due to the deliberate policies of GST, 20 means 20 tax and increased fuel and food prices. The result is that the majority of workers and families have seen their value of their income decrease in real terms.
In order to remedy this, we need to elect competent and compassionate States Members who represent the interests of ordinary people, workers and families, and not simply the interests of the very wealthy, as is currently the case.  
 In the States, some of my recent achievements include the establishment of a working party to define a code of practice for debt collection agencies; stopping the sale of the ‘Old Library’ (donated to the public in 1737) and working with Senator Le Gresley and Deputy Bob Hill to secure the important independent committee of inquiry into Jersey’s historic child abuse to 
ensure justice for victims and that we learn from past mistakes.

Recent Achievements:

I continue to press for greater equality and fairness in society and pressed for the introduction of a discrimination law.

I have remained true to my 2008 manifesto – opposing GST and its increase; fighting for FREE TV licenses for over-75s; opposing the folly of population increase and lobbying for more open government.
On parish matters, I have consistently opposed inappropriate development, including in Les Quennevais, Petit Port and St Brelade’s bay. I continue to work to address speeding, congestion and parking issues in the district.
Future projects:  If re-elected, I want to address the fundamental problems of affordable housing in Jersey. As a young States Member, I am very much aware of the crippling nature of high rents and the inability of many to own their own homes. Part of the problem is that property has been allowed to become a commodity, when in essence, it is a social necessity.
There is an urgent need for sheltered housing in the parish. In order to address this, it is important that delayed developments such as Lesquende are progressed swiftly.

I will also seek for greater priority to be given to mental health issues, youth development and elderly care

Personal Details: 

Age:                           32
Place of Birth:            Jersey
Education:                  Les Quennevais, Hautlieu, University of Sheffield
Employment history:  Jersey Tourism, Jersey Telecom, EFL Teacher
                                   Director of Translation Company; States Member
Languages:                 French, German, Spanish, Portuguese
Hobbies/Interests:        Music, Theatre, Swimming, Politics.


  1. Montfort.

    Look at what Wiltshire, and others, have been up to, courtesy of a guest posting from LENNY HARPER

  2. I have to ask. Why did you choose a use photograph to head this blog entry where you look like you've just woken up hungover in a hedge?

  3. Deputy Tadier,
    I agree with what you are saying, but how is the money going to be generated to run our island, that is of fundamental importance.
    It would be interesting to hear your comments?

  4. Money is raised fundamentally by taxation - this is true no matter what colour of the government. The question is on whom does this taxation fall and, equally importantly, on whether there is the (sustainable) economic activity to provide the levels of funding to secure basic public service provisions.

    Jersey is in a precarious place. 1) We have seen a shift of the tax burden from corporations and wealthy individuals to the salaried tax payer. 2) We are continuing to rely on an industry (and related industries) which is rapidly changing and coming under increasing external hostile pressure to come to an end. There has been a respite on pressure on the finance industry from EU and UK, however, attention has turned to fulfillment, which in some ways (simplistically) can be seen as a microcosm of the general tax motives on which the offshore model is based.

    So what do we need? I believe we need to optimise taxation from those who can pay more, without prejudicing longterm prosperity. It is very unlikely that at present with 0% tax on some firms, 10% on others and 1% on 1(i)Ks that this is the optimum tax yield. Nor is it a level playing field for local competitors.

    Secondly, we need to encourage sustainable and probably low-medium worth industries to flourish; Tourism, Agriculture, agri-tourism, local produce and greater food and energy independence.

    We should also be looking towards more of a steady state economy rather than growth for growth's sake, which is not sustainable

  5. Come on Monty - the election is over. What is the plan now? Who shall challenge the establishment in the new house. Tell the public. Is there anything new or shall we just sleep on for another three years.