14 November 2011

New Assembly - New Chief Minister

After a short break from the blog, I am pleased to be back.

First of all, I would like to thank the 1, 428 electors of Les Quennevais and La Moye who cast their votes for me last month. In particular, my supporters; and a special thanks to my proposer Pauline Paintin and her husband Tony, who provided encouragement and help throughout the long election period.

Whilst there was a swing towards new, perhaps younger candidates, there is little doubt that there has also been a shift to the right. 

From a 'progressive' (i.e. centre or left) perspective this swing to the right was evidenced by the fact that the offerings for Chief Minister Candidates were limited to a choice between a Jersey Nationalist (Bailhache) and a good old fashioned, 'One Nation Tory' (Gorst). Their policies may not be vastly different, but it was the perceived difference in approach that I suspect secured Senator Gorst the top spot. He was also the better speaker on the day, certainly in terms of content.

The results of the vote are as follows (I have highlighted some of the 'surprise' members who voted for Senator Bailhache):



Senator P.F.C. Ozouf
Senator A. Breckon
Senator A.J.H. Maclean
Senator L.J. Farnham
Senator P.M. Bailhache
Connétable A.S. Crowcroft of St Hélier
Connétable J. Le S. Gallichan of Trinity
Connétable D.J. Murphy of Grouville
Connétable L. Norman of St Clément
Connétable J.M. Refault of St Peter
Connétable P.J. Rondel of St John
Connétable M.J. Paddock of St Ouen
Connétable S.A. Rennard of St Saviour
Deputy C.F. Labey
Deputy S.S.P.A. Power
Deputy E.J. Noel
Deputy P.J Ryan
Deputy J.P.G. Baker
Deputy J.H. Young
Deputy S.J. Pinel
Deputy J.M. Le Bailly
Deputy S.G. Luce
Deputy R.G. Bryans
Deputy K.L. Moore


Senator P.F. Routier
Senator S.C. Ferguson
Senator B.I. Le Marquand
Senator F. du H. Le Gresley
Senator I.J. Gorst
Connétable D.W. Mezbourian of St Lawrence
Connétable J. Gallichan of St Mary
Connétable S. Pallett of St Brelade
Connétable M. Le Troquer of St Martin
Deputy R.C. Duhamel
Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier
Deputy J.A. Martin
Deputy G.P. Southern
Deputy J.G. Reed
Deputy J.A. Hilton
Deputy J.A.N. Le Fondré
Deputy A.E. Pryke
Deputy S. Pitman
Deputy K.C. Lewis
Deputy M. Tadier
Deputy T.M. Pitman
Deputy T.A. Vallois
Deputy M.R. Higgins
Deputy A.K.F. Green
Deputy J.M. Maçon
Deputy G.C.L. Baudains
Deputy R.J. Rondel


  1. Montfort.

    Let's hope he (Gorst) un-does all the bad work of the Walker/Le Sueur era and gets together an inclusive government. Unless this happens nothing will change and I believe he has the sense to see this.

    Let's put some ghosts TO BED.

  2. It's sobering to think that when PB was first elected as Deputy for Grouville, Gorst hadn't started school.

    It should also help a little that Gorst is not tainted by HdlG (though I'm not sure if he carries any can for more recent abuse cases): nor is he tainted by that appalling 2008 Liberation Day speech.

  3. So what exactly is "inclusive" government?
    There are fundamental differences that cannot be reconciled by prevailing policies. Capitalism and the "free market" economy cannot be accommodated within a fair dealing society. The "squabbling" that Bailhache wanted to eliminate was PR speak for suppressing opposition and maintaining the status quo.
    Make no mistake, but fundamental problems will not be reformed here or anywhere else by sitting around cross legged and puffing on a pipe. It might sound desirable and looks good in B movies but it is just a dream. Ask the Syrians, Egyptians, Afghans or the Greeks or any other groups that are facing up to the realities of Planet Earth in 2011.
    "Working together cooperatively" for an end to divisions demands that we start with a comprehensive and universal human rights based agenda. Anything else will be just more of the same old bunkum...paint it green or any colour you want but improvement demands change.
    See you all in 3 years for yet another re-run?

    Tom Gruchy says

  4. Hi & congratulations on re-election

    I had also clocked the very same 'surprise' members who voted for Senator Bailhache

    Senator A. Breckon
    Connétable A.S. Crowcroft of St Hélier
    Deputy C.F. Labey

    (OK not hard)

    Can anyone help us out: what hold or attraction does Bailhache have for these 3 ?

    Or what is it about Gorst they really hate ?

    Did they accidental vote with their 'ring binders' ?

    None of them seem the sort to automatically vote for the perceived winner.

    Perhaps after the poor response to Bailhache's suggestion
    he has started fitting the other members with shock collars, but has only got 3 fitted in time ?


    Hedinda x.

  5. The interesting vote there is the constable of St Mary voting for Gorst. Given Sen Bailhache's election platform, if not chief minister his obvious role would be chair of PPC to push for his reform agenda. However madame Connetable may not want to relinquish the role.