16 November 2011

The Bland leading the Bland...

Chief Minister Designate, Ian Gorst

The Chief Minister (designate) this morning announced his 'slate' for the Ministerial Cabinet. They are as follows:

Treasury and Resources
Senator Bryan Ian Le Marquand
Social Security
Senator Francis du Heaume Le Gresley
Deputy Andrew Kenneth Francis Green of St. Helier
Education, Sport and Culture
Deputy Patrick John Dennis Ryan of St. John
Economic Development
Senator Alan John Henry Maclean
Home Affairs
Senator Lyndon John Farnham
Planning and Environment
Deputy Robert Charles Duhamel of St. Saviour
Health and Social Services
Deputy Anne Enid Pryke of Trinity
Transport and Technical Services
Connétable John Martin Refault of St. Peter

he Chief Minister designate has the ability under Standing Orders 117(15) and (16), to vary the list during the appointment process in respect of remaining nominees if any of the candidates nominated by him are not selected for the position indicated above. Standing Orders 117(15) and (16) read as follows -

117(15)  If, during the process, the States select a candidate who was not nominated by the Chief Minister designate, the presiding officer shall invite the Chief Minister designate to make a further announcement, in the order in which he or she wishes the States to vote on them, of his or her remaining nominations and proposals for assignment to the remaining Ministerial offices.

117(16)  The order, nominations and proposals in respect of the remaining appointments and assignments may differ from those previously announced by the Chief Minister designate.
As announced previously, I will be contesting the post of Housing Minister. I look forward to that challenge tomorrow


  1. Montfort.

    Not a good start from Senator Gorst but the alternative of Senator Bailhache sends shivers down the spine and would have put Jersey back a couple of hundred years.

    Un-elected Deputy Pryke has to be removed from Health and replaced by Senator Ferguson. Politically the Senator and I could not be further apart but the woman does have a set of Gonads and a rather large set at that.

    She'll not be lead by the Civil Servants and would whip that place into shape in no time.

  2. I was dreading how interesting sir Phil would have made our times, so I don't think I want to complain too much about getting bland instead.

  3. I don't agree. I thought that initially, but I don't think Senator Ferguson would be good for the hospital. She would probably want to privatise everything. But, let's not judge prematurely.

  4. Do you agree she's got a big pair of gonads?

  5. Monty you are wrong Sarah has a huge set of gonads and would waste no time in bouncing them off the heads of civil servants to get them into shape.

  6. Monty, are you saying you've got a bigger set of gonads than Sarah?