02 April 2013

Option A - the Fairest Way

As part of the series of posts on Reform, ahead of the referendumon 24 Apil I am pleased post this latest interview which summarises some of the arguments in favour of Option A.
The first video is a short. The full interview can be seen below.
Thanks go to the prodigious Tom Gruchy for providing the filming and uploading. 

Short Version

Full interview (10 minutes)

1 comment:

  1. This is a really good post Monty. Well done.
    I'm voting A1 - no second preference. I was tempted to put A as both my 1st and 2nd choices but won't so so as I want my vote to count.
    However, from the 'hijack' to date, this is so shoddy its almost a joke if it wasnt so serious. It's so bad, even supporters of OpB and OpC are complaining about the way this has been so badly delivered and organised. Keep up the good work.