07 March 2015

Let the Independent Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry do its Job

Islanders are invited to the Royal Square tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 11am to mark the 7th Anniversary of the Time4Change rally which was held on 8th March 2008 to remember the victims and survivors of Jersey child abuse, past and present.
Much has happened since that date, and with the help of campaigners, bloggers and former States Members, we were able to secure a Committee of Inquiry to look independently into these serious matters; to shine a light into one of the darkest chapters in Jersey’s recent history, and to seek to bring redress, justice and healing.
This brief memorial will allow the focus to be put back where it belongs. On the victims and survivors of abuse and there will be a minute's silence as a sign of respect.
Recent Events:
I am very concerned at recent developments to sabotage the Committee of Inquiry, made by some elements that have never wanted the Inquiry to happen – individuals who themselves have questions to answer under the Committee’s Terms of Reference.
‘The Committee is just about to look at some of its key terms of reference, including [No 13. to] Establish the process by which files were submitted by the States of Jersey Police to the prosecuting authorities for consideration, and establish –
Whether those responsible for deciding on which cases to prosecute took a professional approach;
Whether the process was free from political or other interference at any level.'
It is to be expected that some people may not want this to happen and will try anything to obstruct the Committee from being able to do its job.
But, for my part, I will resolutely oppose any suggestion that the Committee not be allowed to do its job.
Anyone wishing to attend is invite to bring a daffodil as a sign of respect.


  1. Its the tax paters money so I want political interference.
    You really are fucking dickhead sometimes.

    1. No need to question which drunken troll wrote the comment above. Bailhache should be ashamed of his actions but then scared people do strange things.

  2. glad to see someone flying the flag for this. We all know that one particular person escaped prosecution despite overwhelming evidence against him. It was such a blantant cover up job as to be laughable. As fort the moron above, I would ignore him. Anyone who has to swaer to get his point across is nothing more than a slack-jawed neanderthal

  3. Proof if proof were needed that if this CoI is not allowed to fulfil its remit in full that this slur on the Island will never go away.

    Sadly, it is a very sad fact that in order to do the right thing we have to endure the sick trolls out there, but wear it as a badge of honour - I do!

    Whatever it takes, the truth will out and I personally have faith in Frances Oldham and her panel members. We have to remain strong for the survivors of the horrendous abuse that they suffered and the justice they were denied.

  4. swearing from anonymous, would he dare to swear at you in the street?
    Well done, Deputy, I am in wholehearted support of your brave efforts.
    Just be careful not to get deported, bankrupted or imprisoned for speaking up! :)

  5. Montfort.

    Speeches from todays 7th Anniversary CHILD ABUSE RALLY.

  6. Well done for yesterday, just a shame Maureen Morgan doesn't see it that way.

  7. Montfort.

    Open Letter from Jersey Care Leavers Association to all STATES MEMBERS.

  8. If your best buddy Syvret won't deliver any of his bullshit, sorry, 'honest evidence' to the COI then why carry on?

  9. Montfort.

    In-Depth interview with Chief Minister, Ian Gorst, discussing his landslide VICTORY.

  10. Montfort.

    Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry, extra funding, proposition speech by Deputy MONTFORT TADIER.

    1. Great speech Monty
      In spite of the Chair (Len Norman) braking your thread by leaping to 'Sir' Philip's defence and trying to prevent you from highlighting or reading parts from the official report into paedophile Hobby Bobby RH

      How can you hope to close the gap between evidenced reality and Philip Bailhache's words/assurances?

      Perhaps the appropriate language around the parliamentary elephant-in-the-room would be to suggest that this particular failure {which led to (at least 6?) being abused in the back of police vans} had ....errrrr slipped the Foreign Affairs Minister's failing memory.

      Surely that would have been acceptable language?

      All parties would have been satisfied because Philip Bailhache himself played the memory loss card when caught reading confidential documents in plain sight on that flight to London in his campaign against Church & establishment abuse victim HG
      (Including real names and allegedly including documents/data which could be in his possession illegally!)

      Oh he forgot ....Oh he only called/implied his accusers were liars because he though they referred to the OTHER flight (RE "Fictitious and Malicious" ....and the matter is now closed)

      It seems that abuse has followed Sir Philip around like a bad smell. He took generous retirement from his position as bailiff on "ill health grounds" but fortunately found less mentally demanding work representing jersey abroad.

      With the heat rising, I wonder if we can expect him to retire from his present roll in the near future. Perhaps on "health grounds" or for "personal reasons"

      Team Bailhache has everything to loose so we can expect him to stand and fight to his bitter end.

      Or has he recently checked out anywhere nice which does not have an extradition treaty?



  11. excellent speech Monty. blazing trails in Jersey. For the first time in a long while I begin to see a light at the end of a dark period for jersey - you are a credit to the States Chamber and a breath of fresh air. Absolutely brilliant.

  12. Montfort.

    Will there be a contested election for Jurat from the "loony left?" Lord Reg seems to THINK SO!