13 April 2015

'Moderniser' to stand for Jurat

Tim Kearsey (41) today announced his nomination for the position of Jurat
Jersey Cricketer, Tim Kearsey, has been nominated for the role of Jurat. The 41 year old,  who was born in Bristol, has been resident in Jersey for 22 years.

He graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Estate Management , then went on to gain a diploma in International Trust Management at Central Law Training, in Birmingham. He is currently studying part-time for an MBA with Exeter University, with a view to becoming a University Lecturer in the island.

His work background is in the finance Industry having worked for UBS, Barclays and Smith & Williamson.   

Mr Kearsey has served island sport for 20 years as a cricketer and hockey player, coaching and developing young persons for the majority of that time. 

He has recently returned from a trip to Uganda with the Charity Cricket without Boundaries, where he was part of a team training teachers and coaching children in basic cricket skills, as well as spreading the word on AIDS/HIV prevention.

'Service to the community is an integral part of what makes Jersey such a special place. Alongside my professional career development, I have always tried to give back to the community that has offered me such a good home. I have always been interested in the roles that Jurats play: it extends past simply work in the Royal Court, to the administration of elections as well as the Prison Board of Visitors. As such, Jurats are busy people, and the time they give is not always appreciated or understood by the wider community.'

But Mr Kearsey also said there was a need for the role of Jurat and the Courts to evolve if it were to stay relevant to the modern, cosmopolitan place that the island had become.

'There is a perception - not completely unjustified - that Jurats come from a very narrow demographic: they tend to be older/retired and from a certain background. This is understandable, as the demands of the job requires one to have a certain amount of free time. I am unusual in that I am only 41, but I am fortunate to be in a position to have the time, energy and wherewithal to offer myself for the job.'

'Many of the island's institutions are in need of urgent reform; we can no longer simply put Jersey's various anomalies down to a 'quaint' way of doing things. The roles of the Bailiff and - I would suggest - the Attorney General should be separated with immediate effect. We have had two reports by eminent panels - Clothier and Carswell - telling us quite clearly what needs to be done. 

We also need, I believe, an Independent Crown Prosecution, a Department for Justice, an Independent Prison Monitoring Board, which will allow lay members to serve on it, as well as a new appointments panel for all judicial appointments. This will not necessarily endear me to some of the more conservative elements of the Jersey Establishment, but change is already underway, and if elected, I would want to swim with the tide of change, not against it.'

'In providing justice to the island, I would give a high level of understanding to the importance of safeguarding and protecting young people.  Also, the importance of ensuring the island becomes a leading jurisdiction in ensuring organisations have frameworks to ensure that vulnerable and young people are protected.  This also requires recognition of rehabilitation and tougher sentencing on perpetrators of abuse within the community against all persons.  In all areas of law I would endorse empathic understanding and rehabilitation through the penal system and mental health system, which requires further support and resourcing.'

Mr Kearsey takes time out to relax with his friends in Uganda
after a hard week of Cricket coaching


  1. just one more job for the boys what we need is a jersey man/woman like shona trevor stuert or neil from vfc not more yes men /woman saying how much they love jersey we all love jersey the island but it,s the real jersey people that need the help.not some one again from outside jersey.Jersey is becoming a dumping ground for uk and europe .

  2. Good luck Tim. I hope you get it.You seem very fair minded and we breath of fresh air!

  3. There was us thinking the LEFT hated the Jurat system because they believed it was non Human Right Compliant. Talk about hypocrites.

  4. I am half Jersey - just not born here. Though I have some left wing principles - some might not consider me left wing. Boris Johnston makes me laugh and Russell Brand is a legend. I'd rather be part of system to change it than just criticise it and do nothing effective. Tim

  5. Montfort.

    Another Citizens Media first and exclusive interview with Jurat election CANDIDATE.

  6. @anon - The comment about the LEFT hating the Jurat system is bizarre. The Jurats play an important an necessary role in the Royal Court, judging matters of fact and deciding sentrence length, etc.
    There do not seem to be any obvious human rights problems arising from that.

    What clearly is unacceptable, is the way Jurats are elected - by politicians and advocates, including the Bailiff and other Jurats. This needs to be done independently.

    The human rights issues really arise from their exclusive presence on the Prison Board of Visitors. We have a BoV which is chosen by politicians, including the home affairs minister, and advocates. Doesn't this seem strange?

  7. Dr Sparrow gets 86 and this Reform Jersey candidate gets 5!
    Talk about sorting the chaff from the wheat.
    You must be running the most un-influential PP in Jersey's history.