23 January 2016

The Jersey Trews

Welcome to the first Episode in what I hope may become a more regular feature on Jersey Social Media - "The Jersey Trews".

The Jersey Trews aims to  bring you a more in-depth picture of the local stories of public interest that the local mainstream media are unable or unwilling to cover.

This week's episode focuses on the highly unusual event of the Jersey Assembly agreeing to release an otherwise 'confidential' transcript of a States debate of 2008, where the then-HomeAffairs Minister, Andrew Lewis, informed the Assembly of his decision to suspend the Chief of Police, Graham Power.

At the time, Deputy Lewis claimed to have read a "damning report" of the Metropolitain Police which gave his grounds to suspend the Police Chief. However, since that time, it has been asserted by many, including Napier, former Senators Le Marquand and Senators Syvret, that this could not have been the case.

I will add more to this in due course, but for the time being, do watch the attached video, which I think explains in layperson's terms some of the key points which seem to have by-passed much of the Mainstream Media (MSM) reporting.


  1. Its irrelevant.
    The States had enough reason to suspend Graham Power without this. Might be an idea to wait for Dep. Andrew Lewis to give evidence and the Inquiry to finish its work before prejudging everything. We asked for an inquiry without political interference and with posts like these, are we really getting it? Works both ways Monty.

    1. No, first commenter, It's NOT irrelevant.

      That you think that it is irrelevant that a stooge minister lied or misled the house in order to justify the the unlawful suspension for Jersey's Police Chief during a massive child abuse and political corruption inquiry must say something about you.

      It would be interesting to compare your vies with the totally unconnected gentleman making the phone call in the "Click HERE" link above.

      We can't wait for Dep. Andrew Lewis to explain WHICH version of events regarding the rather important suspension was actually TRUE, and hence which is 'not true'.This apparently simple question has been hanging over Lewis for some years now LOL.

      It was at first the right thing to do to to give the CoI the benefit of the doubt and not to prejudge it.
      However we are well beyond that point and can judge the CoI by it's record so far.
      -It's refusal to provide vital complainants or witnesses legal representation unless they sign away their rights first
      -It's diversionary and stressful treatment of (exclusively "complainant"?) witnesses like campaigner Bob Hill who then suffered a devastating stroke days later.
      -it's failure to properly question or cross examine witnesses (unless they are "complainant" witnesses like Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper)
      -it's questioning of Trevor Pitman on utter trivialities (relatively) rather than the evidenced dynamite in his 1000+ page written submission (inc. supporting documents)

      The CoI is looking like a very expensive (taxpayer funded) lawyer fest to buy a few culpable people a bit of extra time.

    2. Thanks Andy.

    3. Of course its irrelevant, they have publically said so, and what a stupid link to put up in response. The people who suspended Graham Power, including Ian Le Marquand after Andrew Lewis all say it was justified and they are the people responsible. Bob Hill and Trevor Pitman were never parties to the suspension and only side critics.

  2. Thanks Monty - we need more of this. Your first commentor says this is irrelevant. Good grief - how on earth can this be so. A politician has allegedly lied in the States Assembly, effectively damaging and ending a good mans career. That is not irrelevant in any way, shape of form. Nor is Monty's blog political interference. It is informative and truthful which is what the public require to get to the heart of the matter. Unless the MSM up their game nobody will ever know anything. Way to go Jersey Trews!

  3. Montfort.

    Part 2 (of 2) interview with former Senior Investigating Officer LENNY HARPER.

  4. A smart decision, Monty, to publish that comment. It adds to the evidence observable out in the real world of the incompetence, let alone the corruption, of those in Jersey who would cover-up child-abuse.

    Your 'correspondent' asserts 'it's irrelevant' - in reference to the infamous 'Met Police Interim Report' - and goes on to claim that 'the States had enough reason to suspend Graham Power without it'.

    Alas for the Jersey mafia, that claim isn't even faintly compatible with the historic record.

    As is clear from the events of that period - and as reported very extensively in even the Jersey heritage media, let alone citizen media - the Jersey establishment made one claim - and one claim only - to supposedly "justify" the suspension of the Police Chief - and that claim was based solely on the purported "Interim Met Report".

    The co-ordinated claims which have emerged from the Jersey establishment in recent weeks - to the effect that the "Interim Met Report" was some kind of slight, scarcely relevant issue, of little importance to the suspension of the Police Chief, are so evidencedly untrue as to make plain the degree of open panic underway.

    The more these people attempt to re-write history in these ways - the more obvious they make their guilt.

    Stuart Syvret.

    1. Graham Power's evidenced relationship with you at the time was good enough reason for his suspension. It was a conflict and it was no wonder you were almost in tears when it happened Stuart. I see the audience here is very small and its nothing like it was in 2008 but still you carry on writing the same old weary nonsense as if the World is listening.

  5. To Anonymous, if you are so sure of your facts then put your name to it!!! People who go u Det anonymous are pure cowards

  6. Andrew Lewis or a Senior Civil servant has already lied and this inquiry has been politically "interfered" with from the outset,while I am no fan of Montys leftwing bias politics,I absolutely abhor the sleazy cynical alternative that is the mainstream Jersey government we have today,Is it too much to expect honest dilligent accountable leadership?.So you see It is very relevant!

  7. Good blog and well done presentation of the dire contradictions between Andrew Lewis' statements regarding "evidence" he used to suspend the Police Chief. If the COI does not look into this contradiction further, it will suggest an obvious whitewash.


  8. The CoI is looking like a very expensive (taxpayer funded) lawyer fest to buy a few culpable people a bit of extra time.
    I agree.
    BBC Jersey gives airtime to the likes of Walker and the Bailache's to get their point across and make them seem 'reasonable'.
    Child abuse is unimportant when compared to Jersey's reputation,but why is it obsessed with its reputation.I believe its to do with having a squeaky clean image for our finance industry to flourish.

  9. Montfort.

    The curious incident of William Bailhache DOING NOTHING.