02 July 2017

The Death of the Jersey Way?

Former Senator Frank Walker, who was Chief Minister in 2008

"There is no hiding place in Jersey for anyone who abused children or, who in any way may have colluded with that abuse [my emphasis] and no stone will be left unturned to bring them to justice."

- Chief Minister, Senator Frank Walker to the States on Tuesday 26 February 2008

Monday 3rd July 2017 is an important day for Jersey. For those of us who campaigned for the establishment of an independent care inquiry for Jersey, and more generally for abuse victims and survivors, tomorrow's publication of the Jersey Care Inquiry report into Child Abuse represents the culmination of nine years of campaigning.

Despite the words of the Chief Minister at the time, a committee of inquiry was not an inevitability. Indeed, were it not for the dogged determination of care leavers, a small handful of politicians and, crucially, bloggers such as Rico Sorda, Voice for Children to name but two, the inquiry would certainly have never happened.

Former Senator, Terry Le Sueur was Chief Minister from 2008 - 2011

Senator Walker's successor, Terry Le Sueur tried to shelve the inquiry. In an official report to the States, R.8/2011, the Chief Minister concluded:

"It is accepted that not everyone will agree with the Council’s decision and some
individuals may still have questions. It is hoped that those who may not agree will
recognise the seriousness with which the Council has considered the matter. With
the advantage of the passage of time, the Council has reviewed all the issues and
considers that a Committee of Inquiry would not be appropriate."

Thankfully that was not the end of the matter: my colleagues at the time Senator Françis Le Gresley, deputy Bob Hill and Daniel Wimberley tabled a counter-proposal and amendments, asking for an Inquiry into the Child Abuse and subsequent cover-up. Other key proponents were former Deputies Trevor and Shona Pitman, current members like Mike Higgins.

Credit should also go to Senator Ian Gorst, with whom we worked over many iterations to find acceptable and thorough terms of reference for the Inquiry.

The campaigners will be sending a joint press release out shorty, so check the TwitterSpace for #JerseyCareInquiry


  1. Thank you for all the great work you have done Deputy and if it wasn't for decent politicians like you fighting for the victims this enquiry would not be taking place.

  2. Well done to all the campaigners, and thank you for reminding us that a small group of committed individuals can change the world

  3. Brilliant to see you blogging again Monty and still campaigning for the most vulnerable in society. I dearly hope the enquiry's report delivers the goods tomorrow and the powers that be don't brush it under the carpet (The Jersey Way)

  4. What cover up, there are none proven, so that's bullshit..Again. You forgot to mention Stuart Syvret who you practically rimmed for 3 years on this subject believing every piece of bullshit he told you. Corrupt Government, corrupt Police, corrupt Media, such influence from a man we all knew to have Mental Health issues says it all about you. Mind you he ended up in prison thanks to people who decided to drag him to the Courts. Boy you hated that snigger.

  5. As someone who has followed this scandal since 2007, thank you Monty for being so resolute in the face of all the resistance.

    You and I probably live at different ends of the political spectrum, but I am enormously proud of what you, and those others cited, have achieved.

    It has not gone unnoticed how you have worked closely with Senator Ian Gorst and that both of you - again from different ends of the political spectrum - have been able to put your own views aside and put the victims at the centre of this. It is to the enormous credit of both of you. And, dare I say, to Philip Ozouf who, as far as I can recall, for all of his many, many, failings, has always supported you when it comes to the inquiry.

    Let us indeed hope that tomorrow sees the start of the death of the Jersey Way. I am not optimistic that we can kill the Jersey Way, given that the island's primary industry is the secrecy industry. Secrecy and cover-up are ingrained in many islanders psyche. It's terribly sad.

    Anyway, good look for tomorrow.

  6. I am pleased that you have given a mention to Bob Hill and Francis Le Gresley in your blog Monty. Out of sight maybe, but not out of mind for the good work they put in to being instrumental in getting this Inquiry off the ground.

    Thanks to both.

  7. Get off your high horse, Senator Francis Le Gresley instigated the Inquiry.

    1. For those who have difficulty reading; Françis Le Gresley was actually mentioned in the main post.

      Have your read this?

      Mind you, it is unlikely that you have the knowledge or ability to be of any help.